Building House of Worship Security Teams: An Israeli Training Model for Law Enforcement

02-22-2023 8:00 am -6:00 pm
Building House of Worship Security Teams: An Israeli Training Model for Law Enforcement This one-day (8 hrs.) course is being offered at the North Carolina Justice Academy in Edneyville and is open to sworn active duty or retired law enforcement. This course trains officers to effectively lead a house of worship security team that provides a secure environment for the congregation, without hindering normal routine and activities. The course prepares officers with the fundamental knowledge, methods, and skills to function both as a leader and single operator to detect, prevent, and neutralize a wide variety of threats to the safety and well-being of a congregation. In so doing, the course provides the officer with a model for training civilian members of the security team.
About Gaines Tactical Training!

I'm George Gaines, and welcome to Gaines Tactical Training. My company bears this name because this is what I teach: Tactics to Save Lives and Keep You Safe. My classes include tactics for preventive and non-lethal self-defense as well as tactical training for close-combat situations. The gun is always the last option.

Having trained extensively with Israel's top instructors from its IDF and Security Forces, their influence weighs heavily on my firearms philosophy. I train all students to use the "Israeli Method" of shooting because it represents the gold standard, both in tactics and safety. Seasoned shooters come to appreciate it and often adopt it as their preferred method of shooting. I think you'll like it too!  

If you are ever forced to defend your own life or the lives of others, it will be your tactical shooting skills that enable you to prevail. Standing still while shooting bottles in the backyard or targets at the range is not going to prepare you for an actual gun fight.

Marksmanship skills, while useful, are not the skills you need to win a gun fight. You need tactical gun fighting skills, which are different. If you're in a gun fight and are wounded or killed, you are no longer in the fight, and the threat will continue unabated. In order to protect yourself, you must learn safe gun handling in the context of tactical shooting. And, you must train the same way that you fight.

I provide tactical training for men & women, civilians & law enforcement, including those who have never shot a firearm as well as those with many years of experience. 

For the record, I'm certified by the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) as an Instructor, Training Counselor, and Range Safety Officer.  I'm also certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) as an Instructor in multiple disciplines as well as Range Safety Officer and Chief Range Safety Officer.  Take a look my credentials.

My primary goal is for your safety and that of your loved ones. In class and at the range, I want you to have a challenging and safe learning experience.  After class, I want you to be confident that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Ammo Shortage Continues!

In case you aren't aware, we have a national shortage of ammunition in all calibers. Also, reloading has become highly expensive due to the fact that primers are being bought up by ammo manufacturers. NRA and USCCA forecasters tell us not to expect any relief until late 2022.

You'd be lucky to find 9mm rounds in any of the local gun stores. Expect to pay $1.00/round or more, if you can find any. Your best bet is to buy online at one the major ammo sellers. If you sign up for one of my shooting classes, I promise to have enough 9mm Luger or.22LR ammo for you. While I can't guarantee the price, I do promise that it will only cover my costs.

Win-Win Cancellation Policy

When I register and pay in advance for a class, I plan on being there. But sometimes stuff happens.

So I've developed a simple cancellation policy that I can live with and, I trust, you can live with too:

If you need to cancel, call right away to let me know. Although I don't give refunds or allow substitutions, I give you a full year to take the class you missed, or apply your tuition to any other class, without penalty.

This way, nobody loses, a true win-win.