Haim Geri: Advanced Pistol Combat

After an extended absence from the Mountains, Haim Geri is returning and looking forward to conducting advanced Israeli tactical training for students who have taken one or more of his previous seminars. For anyone who has not taken his seminars, you must first contact George Gaines, Chief Instructor, for an assessment of your competency level.

When engaging in violent action and need to use the handgun, you will require more than good marksman skills and knowledge on how to manipulate your pistol. You will need to understand and master the way you fight using a pistol, in order to deal with the threat that you are confronting.

The first step will be to understand what is happening, the nature of the threat, and choose the best course of action. Once you decide the course of action, complete control of the pistol is essential.

Advanced Combative pistol will serve to establish a solid foundation of what students learned in previous classes. The integration of new defensive methods and techniques will increase the survivability and response capabilities during an attack.

Subjects to be covered during this class include: • Review of shooting fundamentals • 50 round point shooting test • One hand, two hand training • Tactical response to various threats • Multiple shooting positions • Using cover and concealment • Shooting from around a corner (cover and concealment) • Introduction to CQB (Close Quarters Combat) • Training peripheral vision • Multiple targets, several shooting possibilities at different distances • Movement and shooting • Friend and foe tactical drill • Instinctive shooting test

Course Requirements and Certification: • Bring suitable outdoor wear for range, 9mm pistol (preferred), magazine pouch, OWB holster, 350 rounds ammo, safety glasses, electronic headgear. Students not having a 9mm pistol may rent the 9mm package (excluding ammo) for $25.

Complete attendance and demonstration of safe use and manipulation of the firearm will be required. Certification will be given to each participant who completes the course requirements.

Event Properties

Event Date 06-03-2023 8:00 am
Event End Date 06-04-2023 5:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 06-02-2023
Individual Price $295
Location Private Range, Hayesville, NC

We are no longer accepting registration for this event