USCCCA Instructor Training

As a USCCA Certified Training Counselor, I am fully qualified to train students to become USCCA Certified Instructors. USCCA Certified Instructors are qualified to teach the basic battery of USCCA courses, which include Florida Concealed Carry, Home Defense, and Handgun Fundamentals.

To become a USCCA Certified Instructor, you must first call USCCA at 877.577.4800 and sign up for the online portion and pay for the Instructor Toolkit.  They take credit cards. They will ask if you have found a class and Training Counselor, so please give them my name and dates of the class. The Toolkit costs $250, and you pay USCCA directly.  Allow 8 to 10 hours to complete online training. 

The in-person USCCA Certified Instructor Training is $347 per person, the fee set by USCCA.  You can pay me in advance by PayPal, cash, check, or credit card.  This Includes lunch, snacks, coffee & sodas the first day.  You will also need to pay me the range fee, which is $15. You should bring a firearm and at least 100 rounds of ammo to range. No live ammo is permitted in classroom.

Both days begin at my house at 9:00 AM.  Unless otherwise specified, the classroom training location is at my residence 1036 S. Pointe Alexis Dr., Tarpon Springs, FL 34689. Most classes are scheduled on weekends, however, weekdays are also used. On the First Day, we should finish around 6 PM.  On The Second Day, the last activity is to go to Florida Firearms Academy to shoot the qualification exercise.  We should wrap it up by early afternoon. 

Most of what you'll be doing in the class is practice teaching using the USCCA PowerPoint slides.  I’ve trained instructors for more than 40 years so, if you’re new to teaching, have no fears, I’ll get you through it!

Please download the class registration form. Complete it, scan, and return to me as soon as possible.  This is the information that I must transmit to USCCA in order to register you in the class.  If you don't have immediate access to a scanner, send me the necessary information minus your signature. Also, email and/or call me to confirm that you are planning to attend.

If you know anyone else who might want to become a USCCA Certified Instructor, please share this information with them. 

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